Exploring Dapitan

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Hello there guys, and welcome to Dapitan City! :D Oh how beautiful my hometown is! Yes you heard it, this is my one and only beloved city. I may not born here, but this is where I grew up and made circle of friends. Weeee! Anyway, talking about Dapitan it is a 3rd class city in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines. It is also historically significant as being the place where the national hero Jose Rizal was exiled by the Spaniards and is known as the "Shrine City of the Philippines. " 

That is our church known as the Saint James the Greater Parish Church. Across that is the Relief Map of Mindanao which our national hero Jose Rizal made it himself.

This is our city tourism office. I know it kinda look like a home but then again it's not! haha But I love the way it is, because of its uniqueness.  

 This is known as the " Rizal Landing Site. " You can see this somewhere in Sta. Cruz beach where Jose Rizal landed at 7:00 pm on July 17, 1892 to begin his expatriation life in Dapitan. 

This is the Gloria Fantasyland. We called this as our mini Disneyland. This is much way better than "perya" as others may think it is. The rides are super great since me myself have tried it. I must say I really like their epic horror house and their newly launched Zimerman (roller coaster) . Definitely a must try! For more details click and check it here. 

Oh how I love Dakak. Just looking at the pictures, who doesn't want to relax here? One of the best resorts that you could find when you get to visit Dapitan. For more details click and check it here.

Here comes another paradise, the Aliguay Island! Wohooo summer is really getting on! This is a bit far from the city though. For you need a jet ski, a yacht and a chopper to get there, haha joooooke! Of course a bangka (speed boat) will do. I really miss this beautiful island, been there last summer with friends and our experienced was way beyond words can describe! lol Seriously, it was the best summer adventure I had so far. Need to get back there pretty soon and hopefully this  year's summer. For more details click and check it here.

Say hi to my friend Pdot as the model of our very own City Hall,  mehehe! Yes that's right, its the newest city office in town. Some people called it "The White House. " This is indeed beautiful, better than the old one since it can accommodate large number of people.  

Insert photobomb pictures here! haha Oh yes, just like me he's into fashion too. Kudos to that! :P

That would be all folks. I'm so proud of the things that have changed in this city. It started with few tourist spots and now there's a lot of  places you can choose where to enjoy and relax yourselves. Like wow! I am really proud to say that I am a Dapitanon. As the famous line says "there's no such place like home. " True that! So if you haven't decided where to spend your summer getaway better yet, visit our place. I'm pretty much sure you will enjoy here. We have the fresh air, it's free from traffic, wonderful nature surroundings, and kindly count the hospitable and friendly people too. Now come and visit Dapitan! :D To know more about our city just click and check it here. So have a great weekend everyone! Till next and much love! ♥♥♥

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