Saturday, March 29, 2014

Elevator Shoes

These shoes are so popular nowadays. It's so rampant that even celebrities love wearing this. Not that it's very trendy but I bet it's indeed comfortable to use. Aside from the cocktail dresses I posted last week, DRESSALE offers a variety of shoes as well. So I couldn't help but share to you some of my favorite elevator shoes too. 

My first pick would be MINT! The color says everything. It's refreshing to look at and you can definitely pair this up with any outfit colors that you love. Click and get it here.

I'm not really a fan of white but I love the details on this one. The metal studs are awesome! The thing about white though, it gets dirty easily! haha but I cannot complain, these are exception.

Obsessed with RED! I love how this one look so different from the others. I really love that it is made of velvet, the side and back zippers makes it more cooler tooClick and get it here.

Now this look a lot edgier than the others. Who doesn't love black right? I love the star and metal studs details of this. I must admit, I could really see myself wearing this everyday.

That would be all guys! So how about you, any favorites? If you want to see more catchy and awesome elevator shoes, just simply go to, definitely a  lot of great shoes to choose from. So hope y'all having a great weekend! I tell you, it's so hot here that I can definitely feel the heat of the summer! Whoahhh!  Till next, and much love! ♥♥


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  2. So niiice things ;)

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