Cocktail Dresses

12:10 PM

Hello there guys! How's everyone doing? If you do ask me, then I'm pretty fine and a bit bum. While I was surfing the net due to boredom, I came across this website DresSale. Actually, I'm not into dresses because too girly is not really my thing but I couldn't help and resist how gorgeous their cocktail dresses are. So why not share to you some of my favorites.

I'm always a fan of black. Aside from it's safe to mix and match with accessories, shoes, bags, etc., black is always elegant when it comes to dresses. I love the lace applique' and the open back of this dress. Click and get it here.

This one is such a perfect blue! It really reminds me of summer along with the blue skies and the blue oceans. I bet this one is really comfy to wear. Great outfit for summer events or evening occasions, a definitely must have! Not to mention, it's already summer here in Philippines! Wohoooo! 

What I adore the most about this dress is the color. I mean it's so light to look at and the details makes it more sophisticated.  I would admit that the cape made perfectly for me! haha why?!? It's because a chubby girl like me needs to hide some big arms. So probably it would help a lot! mehehe.  Click and get it here.

Did I mention here that RED is my favorite color? Obviously, I think I did! lol Oh yes everything about red is attractive to me.  The black details and the rosette makes it more stunning! I bet if you wear this one in some certain occasion, this will be a "show stopper dress." Click and get it here. 

How about you? Which one do you like? Lemme know too! *wink. For more lovely cocktail dresses, feel free to drop by on I bet you have your favorites too! Thanks for dropping everyone and have a lovely Thursday! Much love... ♥♥♥

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  5. Beautiful dresses!

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  7. Lovely dresses! My favourite is the first!
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  14. Lovely blogpost! I love the first dress :)

  15. great post!
    I don't really like cocktail dresses
    but these are actually cute!
    xoxo Rose

  16. hello beautiful, wow!!, great post, keep it up

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