stairs to ADVENTURE!

11:17 PM

  Hello there everyone! Welcome to my first adventure for this month ever! yahoooo... Aside from accomplishing this mission we're able to celebrate my friend's burthday -Aryan Takyan(photographer)-. So, another hurray! hahaha. This adventure was definitely exhausting and terrifying a bit, but of course in a good way. Who would've thought that we were able to climb the 3003 steps in LINABO PEAK??? US! lol yeah we have done it for sort of like more or less than in 5 hours i guess! Whew!  If in case you are wondering if where is it located??? uhm you can GOOGLE it though... hihi (sorry) okay hint! somewhere between Dapitan and Dipolog City! :D

Okay I'm so ready to climb! LETS GO!

The three mosquitoes! and a picture is a must! harhar :p

shoes shoeS SHOES!!!

Yeah we were shocked! There are also people who live in this area and it's not only about the stairs, but it has it's own plain road  and not so rocky way...haha

Picture picture din pag may time! (the most trending expression in our country)

Yes they do  have a school too. How awesome is that! I mean, I wonder how the students, teachers, and residents cope up in this kind of activity everyday (literally the walking-and-climbing). They have this small river too where they can wash their clothes and the like.

The most adventurous part of the journey. No stairs to climb, nothing to hold but just this!

While waiting for the two. gotta take some selfie for a while! They're so slow right??? hahaha kidding! and I was obviously sweating at this moment. (outofbreath-tired-fugly)

Tadaaa! We made it!

And here is my outfit... :)

My DIY spider web shirt! :D

The view from the top! YOLO (you only live once) as what they say, so make the most out of it!

How weird is that eh? I know that I should have put this pic from the very beginning but then again, my friends and I are so effin cray-cray that we decided to take this picture once were done with the climbing thingy. So yeah, there you go. :p

How amazing this journey was! To see the natural beauty around you, to appreciate little things, to learn how to survive and choosing to be HAPPY! Life is indeed WONDERFUL! :)

Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Spider Web Shirt - DIY
Denim Shorts - Bench
Backpack - Jansport
Trainers/Running Shoes - Adidas (adipure)

That's all for now folks! Yes we had a blast. The laughtrip, the foodtrip, the stop-and-walk-climbing motion, the view, the scenery, the accommodating people along the way, the scary sort of rock climbing thingy, like WOW! everything was just so amazingly beautiful! Looking forward for more adventures like this and will definitely love to share it here. Sorry for blabbing too much, yeah this was my first time to be here! So yeah PAGBIGYAN! (dialect). Okaaay, gotta go now... Hope you do have amazing weekend and thanks so much for reading. Lotsaaa of love...♥♥♥

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  1. awesome! i dont think kaya ko to! :)))

    1. thanks angel...kaya m yan! determination is important! hihi thanks btw...:)))

  2. hi honey!!!

    I followed you on GFC and bloglovin, hope you will do the same thing for me...


  3. love your jacket!


  4. love your look!!