BLUE is the color of my energy

12:07 PM

Blue Fedora Hat - Cousin's closet
Blue Striped Blouse - Thrifted
Blue Skater Skirt - Studio Y
Platform Sandals - Thrifted

Hello there! :D As you can see everything I wore were all blue! it says in the title though "BLUE IS THE COLOR OF MY ENERGY" do I really have an energy??? haha! Anyway, yeah couldn't get enough of blue nowadays. I mean who can't resist right? It gives life to the outfit and yeah you just have to be careful when it comes to mix and match cause some might not end up so well. Good thing is, I'm just so keen when it comes to digging up my closet. CLAP CLAP CLAP! lol okay, so what I've been up to lately??? NOTHING! nah, I mean last week was so full of negative vibes, it has been pretty tough and drastic. So I do need this kind of energy for I want to surround myself with positive people. How I wish I can get away that instant, go to a place where I can play EDM (ElectronicDanceMusic) all night long and never come back! lol who doesn't want to have a peace of mind right??? Oh well then, I'm just hoping for the best and just let go of these dramas! (indeedannoying) Alrighty, gotta go now... Thanks for dropping by guys! love yah all...♥♥♥ 

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  1. Whoa so much blue which is pretty cool! Really cool shoes btw :o
    I hope you find positive energy soon ^^

    1. awww, thanks so much dear...yeah hopefully I can find positive energy this week! hehe... :D