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3:16 AM

Since Christmas is just right around the corner each of us has their own wish list for sure. I know some of us bloggers do heard about Dresslink right? They do sell good quality and affordable stuff like clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, etc. It is indeed a perfect online shop to make my very own wish list for this month. I have chosen several items and I wanted to share it with you guys. Hope you do like it.:D

For the 1st wish list. I chose these gorgeous tops. I know Christmas colors are supposed to be green and red. However, I just can't get over with black and white these days. Here are the links from Left to Right.

1. Korean Women Fringed Top - Get it here!
2. Stylish New Chiffon Top - Get it here!
3. Sleeveless Patchwork Fringe Top - Get it here!

Second wish list would be denims. Wearing pants is really not my forte' which I have mentioned in one of my blog post before. These two ( black and white ) are the exception. I'm really loving tattered/ripped denim pants lately. Of course a tattered denim shorts is a must too! Here are the links from Left to Right.

1. Eureopean Style Denim Pants  - Get it here!
2. Acid Wash Denim Shorts - Get it here!
3. Black High Waist Denim Pants - Get it here!

Having a bag is one of the essentials that we do girls need. So these type of bags should be on my third wish list. Here are the links from Left to Right.

1. Handbag Spike Shoulder Bag - Get it here!
2. Backpack Canvas Stripe Bag - Get it here!
3. Candy Tote Handbag - Get it here!

Last but not the least, my fourth wish list would be shoes and sandals! I'm really loving this type of sandals and this kind of boots and that blue flats as well. A perfect footwear to add in my closet. Here are the links from Left to Right.

1. Women Shoes Ballet - Get it here!
2. Ankle Boots - Get it here!
3. Platform Sandals - Get it here!

That would be all my wish list for this month. So what's yours? Please let me know which one do you like the most. If you want to purchase one of  the items that I've shared, you can just go ahead and visit the website of Dresslink. You can also choose the items that you want. Just feel free to drop by on the website and shop! That would be all for now today. Till next and much love! ♥♥♥

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  1. Just checked it out! Prices are amazing :o thanks for sharing!


  2. uau! o love that candy tote bag -- i think i'm getting one! :)

  3. r: it's possible that you've seen her in some tv show. is think she's also an actress. She is actually Portuguese!

  4. Oh very cute wishlist
    I love it the pants


  5. omg so cuteee!
    I'm new follower <3

  6. fantastic. I clicked for you, do you click for me?


  7. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  8. wonderful! I love and i follow your blog, please follow me too

  9. Yep they have great clothes in very good prices! i clicked every single link !:) can You click also in my post? http://marijory.blogspot.com/2015/12/wishlist-z-shein-i-romwe.html thanks You dear! :) Hope Yours cooperation with dresslink will goes right