Shades of Pink

8:47 PM

To be honest pink is really not my favorite color. I mean I know it's everyone's favorite especially girls but nah for me it's just so so. I mean I don't hate it but I really don't like it that much. So I'm in the middle. Haha. Wow it's been a while that I haven't posted an outfit that I'm wearing a spaghetti strap, sleeveless, tube, and any type of tops that could expose my arms. Yeah I admit I'm really not comfortable in this kind of clothing unless if I just stayed at home or those times that I will go to the beach which I always end up wearing a shirt. I have a lot of insecurities when it comes to my body. As you can see I really don't have that model-ly type of body. I'm not skinny and yes I've struggled many times losing weight. It's really hard and frustrating at the same time. I'm really working on it and I hope I'll be successful. For now, let insecurities aside and let me get out in my comfort zone! Hope you'll like it. :D

Brim Hat - CNDirect
Pink Jumpsuit - NewDress
Silver Watch - Dressin
Sneakers - Converse

I was supposed to incorporate this outfit with either a vest or a jacket. But I decided that I should stay it that way. So please bear with my big arms. lol Actually I purchased the hat in red but they sent me the pink one. Weird but got no choice and it's not really bad after all. I hope you can visit CNDirectNewDress, and Dressin for more fashionable outfits like this. Anyway, wow how time flies and here we are it's October already! What excites me the most about this month is that The Walking Dead is coming back next week ( one of my favorite series ) and I'm going to travel again this month. I really love traveling. I know I wasn't able to blog about my previous travels that I've mentioned before and I'm so sorry about it. Been caught up with outfit posts lately but I promise once this is over I'll blog about it anytime soon. That would be all for now guys and happy October everyone! Much love. ♥♥♥

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  1. Pink really suits you, girl. That hat is so cute. Love your OOTD.

  2. This hat is just right for you! This is your color))

  3. süper..

  4. Lovely jumpsuit!<3


  5. Hi girl! Amazing outfit.

    Would you like to follow each other?

  6. Beautiful classy as always :) I like it!