Birth Month

1:23 AM

Just like the 4th of July this month means a lot to me. It is a month where I could say here we go again another year older. Ha! Trust me I wanna be forever young in which most of us do. When you reach to the point of adulthood that's  the time where you get pressured thinking about the future. What should I do for my career, what job do I want, and what really my future is? These are just some typical questions of being in this stage. Anyway, let aside the future for a bit and let me focus back to the present. Earth to Belle. lol 

Aside from being so busy these days I'm so happy that I finally got the parcel from
Each piece is gorgeous. It's exactly what I'm expecting for. Kudos to them! :D

Some shirts are just so plain simple but this one is an exception. I like the pattern of the pockets and how they are placed. The hem of each sleeve makes it more edgy too. The back has a striped pattern which is so unusual. How cool is that right? Get it here!

To be honest, I was really shocked how huge these sunglasses are. It's weird but I do like it. It's totally unique and is indeed perfect for summer. Get it here!

Oh these shorts! It's the most comfy shorts I've ever had. So flowy and so light and you can definitely move freely on this. Get it here!

I dont know why but I'm so into sandals nowadays. This pair is just as comfortable as the shorts I got. So easy to walk in and it can be an everyday use too. Get it here! 

T-Shirt Tops - NewDress
Round SunglassesNewDress 
Hot Shorts NewDress 
Flat Sandals NewDress

That's a wrap! I'm so glad to have these great items from NewDress. You can also grab yours and just drop by at Hope you do love my outfit post for today and looking forward to share some travel posts to you soon. Thanks for reading guys. Till next and much love!

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  2. Since this month is almost over I can easily wish you a happy (belated?) birhtday :) You look fabulous in this outfit, must say those shorts are a favourite :) xx Maja

  3. Great post dear...lovely pics..:-)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I've followed you on GFC #174)) Hope you'll do the same:))

  4. Oh very lovely top
    Cute sunglasses