My Way of Starting SUMMER

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Hello SUMMER! When calendar hits March you really cannot stop the raging heat of the sun here in the Philippines. Yes we are way ahead when it comes to this season if you're going to compare it with other countries. I know most of you have your summer during July but our country is different. Summer starts from March and ends up on May. I really don't know what's the explanation behind this but maybe that's the reason why we only have two seasons? haha I'm just guessing. Anyway, yes I'm so happy to have this trip. So thanks to my friend Aryan for this would not be possible without her. I don't know if you remember her or not, but for the past few fashion blogs she used to be my photographer. She went to Australia and came back here for a short vacation. Hurray! Our itinerary for this trip is a little bit messed up. Expect the unexpected! Basically, we just spent most of our time in Cebu. So let's go ahead and start this journey. :D

As you can see in my first picture, that's on the top of Osmeña Peak. Yes we did climb and was having a hard time. Lack of exercise I guess! But damn, everything was so worth it and it was indeed amazing . You will be amazed by the view and how wonderful it was when you're on top of the mountain. Like wow just wow! This was our first stop during the trip. We took the bus from Cebu City proper ( South Bus Terminal ) to Dalaguete. Then from Dalaguete to Osmeña Peak we took the motorcycle which is famous known for habal-habal. An exciting adventure trip I must say. 

Our second stop would be the famous  water falls in Cebu which is called the Kawasan Falls. To be honest, it was a long ride. From Osmeña Peak to Kawasan would take 2 - 3 hours maybe. We still took the motorcycle ( habal2x ) and arrived there around 4 pm. It was my first time here and yes the water is so blue and so deep. But you do not need to worry about it since there is a bamboo raft which can take you near the falls especially for those people who do not know how to swim. Special thanks to these two men ( kuya ) for making our stay in the raft safe and comfortable. After an exhausting ride, this falls was indeed a good way to relax and refresh yourself. We stayed here up until 7 pm I guess.

 Say hello to the third journey. After going to Kawasan, we took the bus from Kawasan to Bato, then Bato to Oslob. Yes another long journey! We stayed over night at MB Sunrise Resort, had a rest then hello Whalesharks! Finally got to reunite with my clan. Why reunite? For this was my second time swimming with them. Still amazing as ever!

After the Whaleshark watching, we took our breakfast then went to another awesome falls. The Tumalog Falls. For me, I find this one amazing compared to Kawasan Falls. This one is taller and bigger and you really can appreciate the beauty and nature itself. Again, we took the habal-habal motorcycle from the resort to here. It's not really that far anyway, it's just like a 15 minute ride. It was also my second time being here.

Our last itinerary for the day. From Tumalog Falls we went back to the resort, ate our lunch and went to this beautiful island called Sumilon. Yes this island has a gorgeous white sand bar. So clean and so wonderful. Since we just took the day trip, we're not allowed to go inside and explore the island itself. Yes the property is private and damn the amenities and accommodation is really amazing. Got curious and did check their website. I really wanna go back here and stayed overnight in the resort. Anyway, staying in this island was also the reason why I got the sunburn. Yes, I was stupid for not taking with me my sunblock and I was so confident exposing my skin under the heat of the sun from 12 nn - 3pm. Imagine that! I'm never gonna forget my sunblock again. Note to self forever! 

 That was the end of our 2 day journey in Cebu. Though my skin is still in the process of healing ( lol ) I will never regret what we did in this trip. I mean bonding with your friends, exploring the nature together, and doing adventures are the things that I would never trade for anything. Since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of traveling around the world and up until now it is still my dream. I know that most of my travel blogs are just within the Philippines but  I'm taking it as my stepping stone. Actually, there's still a lot of beautiful cities that I've never been in our country.  Might as well plan another trip for that. I tell you, it's really more fun in the Philippines! Just imagine a country with 7, 107 islands. How cool is that right??? :D

So yeah for now my yearly goals will be:

1.  Go to a place that you've never been.
2. Never stop exploring.
3. Always prepare yourself from the unexpected.
4. Save enough money.
5. Seek for a more fun and adventure journey. 

That would be all for now guys. I'm just glad to share this with you. I hope you do enjoy reading about this blog. Till next time and much love! ♥♥♥

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  1. I hope summer will arrive as soon as possible;)!!!xoxo dear

  2. very beutiful post..u are very lucky :-=)))

  3. Wow! What an amazing place! Lucky girl!
    Your blog is great! I followed you on gfc, g+, bloglovin, twitter and instagram :)
    Hope you can visit our blog if you want

  4. Wow! Fantastic shots! Nice trip!
    Photographer Natallia Jolliet

  5. Wow, such incredible paces!!!!
    And so great shots! Love especially underwater photos!

  6. beautiful places!!! <3
    xoxo Gi.

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  7. Wooooww.
    This is amazing.
    I would love to go there.
    This is in Cebu right?
    Can you tell me how much it all cost?

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  8. Follow you, hun! :)

  9. You look great! And I totally agree with you -- once it hits March, there's no stopping the heat here! Grabe ang init :"(

  10. OMG, love your holiday shots! Everything looks so perfect. Happy weekend, babe! xoxo

  11. Fantastic Post!!!