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1:15 PM

Hello there! Does anyone here likes accessories? I bet all of us girls do. I'm pretty much sure you're familiar with Born Pretty Store. Did visit their website and they have these awesome and fashionable accessories that you can choose from. Like heaven! lol I mean some of us would feel uneasy or let's just say we feel so incomplete when we don't incorporate our outfits with some bling-blings. Right? If you want to add more stuff on your jewelry and accessories collection then  Born Pretty Store is definitely the one you can run to. 

One good thing about it is that they do offer 10% discount in any jewelry or accessories that you like and it is also valid any time that you want. All you need to do is visit and use this coupon code CAYT10 every time you purchase an item. Just easy as that! Anyway here are some of the items that I do love from their website. Enjoy! :D


So what y'all guys think? They are so pretty cool right?!? If you want those items go ahead and visit for more great stuff. And do not forget to use the coupon code CAYT10 for your 10% discount. Thanks for reading everyone, till next and much love! ♥♥♥

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  2. nice
    born pretty has a lot of stuff
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  3. love this store. I've actually gotten a few items from them already and they're so affordable <3

    1. yes i do agree with you angel. they have pretty stuff to choose from! :)))

  4. very nice! i love bornpretty store :)
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  5. Great accessories! :)

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  6. I want them all :)
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  7. Looks amazing… great piece!
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  10. Cool. They have some nice accessories

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