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Happy Sunday everyone! How's your weekend so far? Me, just simply the same plain stuff been going on. So, hope y'all had a great one. Anyway, really can't get enough with Persunmall items. And for today's outfit post, I'm just truly inspired by the weather and the scenery! Weeeee. :D

Always and forever a fan of chuck-allstar-converse shoes. :D

Love this shirt a lot! The cloth is so comfy and I love the print glasses and the cute ribbon on it. Get it here! So better yet, match it with a pair of eyeglasses as well. :P Nerdy nerd all the way!

How gorgeous this mini wallet is! Get it here! Actually, you have two options of using this. You can make it into a sling one, just what I did  of course or you can make it into a purse (wallet) and just carry it with you. Amazing right? Definitely a keeper! :P 

Glasses Red T-shirt - Persunmall
Retro Stylish Style Mini Wallet - Persunmall
Black Skirt - Thrift Shop
Printed Long Sleeves - Thrift Shop
Chuck (sneakers) - Converse

That's all folks! Nothing really much to say. haha! Maybe I'm just pretty much hungry (cant wait to eat siomai). Nevertheless, hope you do like it and thanks for dropping by! Till next, much love. ♥♥♥ 
PS: Sorry if I have to make this short. I'm so super duper hungry (feed me) ! 

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  1. Great pics! Love your skirt!

  2. Great outfit!

    Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

    Have a good week!

  3. I really love this post and your blog style!
    So, to keep in touch each other, I'm your new follower on GFC. Would you follow me back, dear?

    J'aime les feuilles rouges

    xoxo Marta

  4. hello, if course I would like to follow each other. and I follow you. I hope.