LIFEDANCE and SINULOG (baseline) 2014

1:15 PM

Ok where should I start? hangover hangover hangover. Right, I have the greatest, coolest and awesome party weekend to start the month this year! Whew! Still surreal though. I might been missing in action a lot but heck I'm still and always have time for blogging (part-of-my-system) ! So does anyone here loves to rave and party like no one's watching??? then you're in for a LIFEDANCE! 

Talking about it, Lifedance is one of Philippines' biggest outdoor electronic dance music party where it usually held in Cebu Boardwalk, FF Cruz North Reclamation Area, 60000 Cebu City. Awesome line up of Dj's, friendly people, affordable drinks and amazing crowd. So what more could you ask for. :P

Here are some photos that we had during the event! Enjoy. :D

Now here comes the wildest party I have ever been! Like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa PRITITIIIIIIT (whistle-whistle-whistle) ! This is basically the main event of Sinulog which happened last January 19, 2014 (Sunday). People were so super cool, friendly, and fuuuun to be with. Oh well, just always be prepared to get dirty and crazy once you join this celebration! Like how amazing the crowd could be, drinks are thrown up everywhere, and a body paint is a must! It would be no fun if you're just right there in the corner, trying to avoid everyone, and just being a one hell KJ (killjoy) ! I would say BOOOO to that. mehehe. :D

So again and again, now please witness the proof and evidence of the party! Have fun scrolling! *wink! ;)

There you go everyone! ahahahahaa I know I know it's pretty much crazy right??? Just glad that I have these crazy friends around to enjoy the party with me. Looking forward for another wildest Sinulog  party next year and let the countdown begin! By the way, look how dirty my stuff are. In memory of Sinulog, I already put them inside the box. R.I.P. guys, R.I.P! :P

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  1. wow! seems like you guys had a lot of fun! ugh too bad i missed the sinulog :(
    Anyways, i followed you now via GFC, hope you'll do the same.

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    1. oh that's ok.. there will still be next year! ahaahha nwei, thanks and followed u back dear... keep n touch then! :D

    2. thanks dear, will surely do...:)))

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  3. Hi dear!!:) I've just discovered your blog and it is amazing!!
    Have a really nice weekend!!
    Come to see mine, and my new post "Get lucky"

  4. awesome blog!
    you want to follow each other