Shine bright like the SUN!!!

5:56 PM

Hello! Hello! This is my first blog ever! Actually, I'm really kinda lazy to do blogging and  all, but why not give it a try! Right?hehe! Oh well, I will be posting more of my looks here and some activities that I will be doing in the future! Actually, I have posted some of my looks in my account  been a member there for a year now. HURRAY!!! So obviously, I love dressing up and do weird stuff sometimes!haha So now, I welcome myself to the world of BLOGGERS!!! ^___^

So here it goes: 

  • Oh yes! This is my look for today...haha! Since it's already a rainy season here in our country, so this made me think to put on this outfit. As you can see, I am wearing a knitted jacket for my top. Underneath that is a spaghetti strap brown shirt . For my bottom, I am wearing a checkered skirt and I match it with my poor stockings (for it is ruined already, hihi). For my foot wear I am wearing this awesome combat boots (snake print) which I bought it for a cheaper price. Forgive me, if I wont be able to give you the brands on what I wore for I am not the type of person who loves branded stuff. I'm more on cheaper ones, or those clothes that can be found in a thrift shops. Who cares??? As long as you're confident and it looks good on you, then that's what matters most! as what Tim Gun says just MAKE IT WORK! ;P

can you see the stockings???forgive me for that!!!haha

yes my top and bottom...i know the colors aren't bright enough but it looks good actually. Very comfy to wear.... 

That's all for now...Hope you like my first blog! im a noob here so my apologies!!!hihi byebye...see you next time then! love!!!♥♥♥

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  1. nice boots :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

    1. thank you so much avellia...will vist your blog too!!!:))