Travel Diary: Singapore

4:29 AM


Singapore. The first country that I've been to. Like everyone else, I was pretty much excited about this trip. Not to mention that it was my first time to visit outside the country, but also I was able to spent it with the love of my life. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't really bother renewing my passport. When I first stepped in to the Changi Airport I was so amazed for it was so big, so clean, so beautiful. I think it was named as the best airport in the world too. Like wow I've been there. Sorry if I wasn't able to take pictures for we arrived like around 2 AM. On our first day, with having no doubts we went directly to Sentosa island where the famous Universal Studios is. I was really having a great time, the pictures says it all. lol It was also the most tiring day I've ever had, since it was Sunday and it's also summer. So, the queue for the rides was so long that my feet are so tired that I ended up being mad with my boyfriend. haha Oh well girls. Anyway, sorry for flooding with so many pictures again. Hope you'll like it.

Adventure Cove

This is our day 2 itinerary. I really want to go back to this place. It was also fun just like the universal but with a twist of adventure. We had a great time taking the crazy slides, the one that I was too scared too conquer but then turned out pretty awesome. Unfortunately, gadgets were not allowed while taking slides since it could be dangerous to any person who's going to try. Sorry no pictures for the slides. We also did snorkeling which was really cool. Seeing tons of fish swam with you was really amazing!

Sea Aquarium 

On our Day 3 we just basically visit the S.E.A Aquarium since that would be the last part of our itinerary in Sentosa. To be honest, I really found this one a bit boring since all we can see were just different kind of fish. Though sharks were pretty cool but nah overall, not really my forte'. How I wish we could've gone to the Trick Eye Museum instead. Maybe I was just tired on that day.

Strolling the City

After we visited the S.E.A Aquarium, we used our remaining time to stroll around the city since our flight back on that day will be on the midnight. We strolled a little bit around Sentosa and then took the cable car back to the city. It was my first experienced, so as per usual I got so excited and happy since I was able to witnessed how beautiful Singapore is. And then, we explore the city by ourselves took the train ( yes my first time ) to see where and what place we could go to take the SG Flyer which famous known as the big ferris wheel. It was also amazing by the way. The last stop we had was visiting the Merlion Park. I kept on bugging my boyfriend that we should really visit there since it's everybody's itinerary. So viola! lol 

Whew! Three days was really never enough to explore the country. There's still more reasons to visit again and still so many things to do. My verdict? I really love Singapore! I mean it is urbanized, clean and safe. Imagine walking around without worrying about anything. People are well disciplined, they've got great food and awesome transportation. The downside though, it's a bit expensive. So better yet, bring some enough money with you just to be sure. My first outside the country was memorable. I really want to visit more countries in the future. It is something that makes me happy and something I just recently discover that I'm indeed a wanderlust. That would be all for now guys and advance Merry Christmas everyone! Till next and much love! ♥♥♥

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  2. amazing photos, I see you had a blast!

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  5. What a cool park! These police cars from movies are so cool:)

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  11. Amazing photos!! It looks like you had such a fun time in Singapore xoxo

  12. Wow, great Photos!! it looks like you guys had fun!!
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