Travel Diary: El Nido - Puerto Princesa ( PALAWAN )

9:08 PM

El Nido

After the longest time, I finally got the moment to blog about my trips this year. Things that need to be done before the year ends. I've got so many things to be thankful about this year. So happy that I was able to travel not just through domestic but also outside the country. I traveled to one of the best paradise in the country and that would be Palawan. Couldn't be more happier that I explore it with mi amor. It was really fun! Our first stop was El Nido. It wasn't really the best itinerary that we had since I was so disappointed with the crew and the service of our hotel and typhoon hit Philippines during that time. Instead of having a tour around the place for two days we only have one. Day 2 tour got canceled. Oh well, not just our luck.
PS: Lots of pictures ahead. :D

Puerto Princesa 

Our second stop would be Puerto Princesa. It was supposed to be a trip for the Underground River. Again, luck was really not on our side at that moment. It got canceled since they need to clean and do maintenance on it. Like what? Of all dates, why does it have to be on my birthday?!? Which by the way they'll do it once within 5 years. Funny right? It has been replaced with Honday Bay Tour. An island tour within Puerto Princesa. Not bad after all, but for me nothing beats El Nido. 

City Tour

This will be the last stop for our Palawan Trip. We did the city tour and went to Baker's Hill and Crocodile's Park. It was raining a bit but we were able to manage it. Got amazed by the crocodiles since it was my first time to see and hold one. The place we went was pretty decent as well. Still a great short trip though, before heading back to the airport. 

I'll end up this blog with us holding a baby crocodile. I was really scared at this moment as you can see it in my face. lol Who wouldn't be? My overall verdict about Palawan? It is indeed beautiful though things didn't go our way. It would be best to visit during the summer season so you won't be experiencing what we went through. Oh by the way you should try their Crocodile Sisig too. I was having doubts of tasting it but damn turned out to be so good. Really tastes like chicken. No joke! A million thanks to mi amor for making this trip possible. This is really something to remember for. To be honest, I'm really not satisfied with just staying around for four days. There's still more places to visit in this paradise. We still have Coron, the Underground River, and of course I want to explore more in El Nido. Still many reasons to come back but still we really had  a blast. Hope you'll enjoy reading this and sorry for flooding with so many pictures. :D Till next and much love!

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  1. Great photos! Seems really fun!
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  2. These are amazing, you seem to have such awsome time...and it's WARM!!! :D
    I'm so jalous for that fresh coconut, whatever you buy around here barly has any milk :/


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  4. This looks like a really cool place!

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  6. Wow, amazing place! Hope you had a great time (:

  7. I've went there last year and the place is just breath taking and mesmerizing isn't it :D

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