A month of CRAZY-FUN-LOVE adventure!

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Well hello there my friends! How y'all guys doin? and yes I'm back, but this time no outfit post. It's more about how I spent my absence here in the blog. Haha! Oooops sorry. As I've mentioned in my previous blog ( BITTERSWEET ) I'll be gone for a month or so. So here I am, finally back! :P

After waiting for a couple of months, we're finally in each others' arms! (insertfireworkshere). And of course our first picture together would be a wefie! ahaahah I was totally happy at this moment and I cannot fathom about how how I feel. Cheesy! Lol. So, lemme share to you some crazy-fun-love adventures we have shared during his stay.

WARNING: This blog post is flooded with lots of pictures! So please BEWARE, ENDURE and ENJOY! :D


For our first trip we went to Bohol where the famous Chocolate hills are. It was also my birthday and everything went well together. We did enjoy our stay our tour, the beach, and the scenery. To sum it up, it was a weekend well spent. Massive pictures below! haha

Shhhh silence please! The tarsier was sleeping actually. I just cant believe they're too small. I thought they're a bit bigger just like monkeys. Oh well! 


Selfie boyfriend check! Photobomber girlfriend fail! :P


Beautiful Chocolate Hills! 


Feel the essence of SURVIVOR season 26! Lol. This was taken during our Loboc River Cruise. We had a buffet lunch and a bit tour throughout the river. Sorry for not posting some photos while we were in the floating restaurant. Our table was kinda messy! haha but overall, we did enjoy the food. Thumbs up!

Say hello to Chocolate Hills Adventure Park! There's a lot of adventures you can do actually. Since we ran out of time we chose the Bike Zip! I wanna say big thanks to my bunny ( boyfriend) for letting me do this on my birthday! Uggggghhh I'm so freakin scared of heights and I just gotta have to deal with it. I almost ended up crying, but in the end I did conquer it! Whew! That was an amazing experience! No regrets after all.


The cute pool and jacuzzi in the resort where we stayed. We're the only tourists who checked in during that time. So we had the pool by ourselves on our night swimming. How amazing is that?!? :P

Say hi to Woo-lah! The cute and adorable pug in the resort. Grrrrr!!! I really wanna take him home but of course the owner will object! haha

This is the famous Alona beach in Bohol.


Let's have a break and please do allow us to take wefie wefie WEFIE! :D


Our second trip was the time when we went to Oslob, Cebu City! This is the view when we arrived there. So gorgeous! Then we went to Tumago Falls and it was very beautiful. You will appreciate more the beauty of it once you get there. The water was a bit cold and definitely a stress reliever!

Early morning fun! These beautiful gentle giants ( whale sharks ) are so gorgeous! You'll be amazed how awesome God is for creating these sea creatures. A bit scary at first, then you'll get to enjoy every moment with them. Totally worth it! If you get to visit Philippines or whether you are from the country I suggest you must try this! I think I might go back.


The last trip we had we went to my beloved hometown Dapitan City. It was indeed a perfect timing, for it was also our Fiesta. He got to meet my family and friends. Huehuehue :3
And for the weekend, we stayed in the famous Dakak Park and Beach Resort in town. Again, we did another adventure. We took the longest zipline in Asia (my second time), the horseback riding, and we get to enjoy the beach and the pool as well.


The view from our city. We took the hundred plus stairs of the Ilihan Hill! 

 Finally, the last adventure we had was the Edge Coaster Ride in Crown Regency Cebu! Haha my second time and of course I'm no longer scared. On the other hand my boyfriend was really scared and I was just laughing about it. Mwahahaha mean! If you're interested to know the details click it here. It was also our monthsary so we had our dinner on the said place and we even have the unexpected table number 5! Like wow!


The last wefie that we had before he went back to DK (insertsadfacehere). This is totally "not goodbye but this is just only the beginning" as what I have said on my instagram post. Oh yes we're in a long distance relationship again and I do miss him so much but nah, this is just a challenge that we need to overcome very soon. So we gotta be strong and of course big thanks to Skype! hehe I know some people do keep their love life as private and I do respect that but for me if you really love someone so much it's not a thing to be ashamed of, rather than it is something to be proud of! I love you bunny lablab! ( i know you are reading this, bleh! )

The view from the plane while I was on my way home back to Dapitan. I was so sad at that moment but seeing this really made me happy. It's a must share! So that would be all for now friends, hope you do enjoy reading this and I'll try to be active from now on. So yeah, maybe an outfit post soon? but I really need to shed some weight for I have gained a lot due to unhealthy-fast food eating. Chubby girl problems! Ugggh! Anyway, gotta go now for reals! I definitely need a shower! Till next, and much love! ♥♥♥


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